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Graph Earth allows you to create stunning visual representations of your data without the need to purchase an expensive full-featured GIS (Geographic Information System). Simply import a spreadsheet from your favorite business tools. Within minutes you can create attractive deliverables which can be viewed by anyone with a free copy of GoogleEarth installed. No shapefiles, no databases, no problem!

    Create 3D maps by...
  • Country
  • U.S. State
  • U.S. County
  • U.S. City
  • U.S. Zip-Code
  • Canada Provinces
  • European Union NUTS 0-3 (2006 & 2010)
  • Mexico States

Graph Earth Features

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    Choose between a number of different graph types.

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    Provide more detail by embedding 2D Charts inside your 3D graph.

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    Share your documents with everyone. Only a free copy of Google Earth is required to view the graphs you create.


System requirements:

Windows 7, Vista or XP SP3
1+ Ghz CPU
512 MB RAM
Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0
Google Earth

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